To ensure that a metallic layer on the workpiece surface can be applied evenly and with good adhesion, the surface must be clean and free of grease. Our clean facilities for you both carbon and alloy steel and aluminum parts.

Degreasing can be done either chemically or mechanically (by blasting or sweeping). The chemical degreasing of steel and aluminum is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the automotive industry in separate cabins.

Possible dimensions / material sizes (length / height / width) and weight:
Mechanical degreasing (steel / aluminum / stainless steel / cast): 14 x 6 x 4 meter - items up to 5 tons

Chemical degreasing steel: 6 x 2.40 x 2.40 meter - items up to 2 tons
Chemical degreasing / pickling aluminum: 6 x 2,20 x 0,80 meter - Items up to 1 ton



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