Jumbocoat powder coating plant for parts up to 8 meters, is now working in 3 -shift operation

Jumbocoat powder coating plant for parts up to 8 meters, is now working in 3 -shift operation
In March 2012 LZR has completed investment in a new jumbo-coat powder coating plant of the company MEEH after 9 months of construction. The semi-automatic system with chemical pre-treatment and two kilns, can proceed parts up to 8 meters in length and 2.5 m in width and height. It corresponds in its design with the latest technical standards in the industry. Thus, the chemical pretreatment is already designed completely chromate-free, separated by aluminum and steel, a demand which have to meet soon safely but also other industries, such as construction and transport in the next few years under EU law, especially the automotive industry.

"Especially the environmental issues and energy efficiency were us in the design of the system from the beginning to the very heart. " Says managing director Sara Grasnick . "So the system has several components in addition to the heat recovery via a closed loop waste water, which prepares all chemicals again . Clear well water goes into the system , and only mineralized raw water - everyone knows of private water filtration systems - comes out in the end again. Air cleaning filters in the vents ensure that even the smallest chemical particles remain in the system and do not pollute our environment . "

With the company MEEH a competent and efficient partner LZR found one of the market leader in powder coating systems who could supply and process a flexible large investment in top quality and minimal construction period. Together with MEEH and the IT service provider GRASBAUER it was the first time the daring experiment to equip such a system with a computer-based controlling, audit-proof ensures the traceability of each order in real time and also any after delivery.

"Our powder-coating customers are delighted with the new facility, we can deliver even faster now and with even better quality and usually at lower prices. " Says CEO Thomas Schwalbe.

LZR expanding due to new major contract

LZR expanding due to new major contract
On 1 August 2010 the LZR received a major contract from the automotive industry.

Over the next four years turbocharger bearing houses for the new generation of engines for the Volkswagen TSI 1.2 million will be coated by LZR. For this, the company invested in a new factory building with fully automated robotic painting facility.

For almost a year, together with the client IHI CSI Ichterhausen GmbH (Thuringia) the LZR has developed the coating of the series product .

For the TSI engines, gasoline direct injection with turbocharger and supercharger, there is a new development of the Volkswagen brand, whose advantage is a high performance with low capacity and therefore lower fuel consumption. New to the engine design for the Volkswagen brand is also that engine parts are again visible in the engine compartment . For this purpose, it was first necessary that working parts of the engine - to be painted - as in this case, the turbocharger.

With this innovation LZR has finally secured a place in the automotive suppliers within the surface coating industry. In addition to the new major customer IHI / Volkswagen , the company has been working for more than 5 years in this industry, including for the Behr Group and Alstom. Next year, the auditing of the company under the new standard for the international automotive industry ISO / TS 16949 is planned.

The LZR was founded in 1999 as 2 -man company of Thomas Schwalbe and Gerold Zeidler. Meanwhile, 28 employees in the industrial painting, powder coating and vehicle coating are employed . The management team was expanded last year as part of the strategic realignment of the company by the new managing director Sara Grasnick.


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